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Welcome to the web site of the Law Office of Paul B. Christensen, P.A. , a Jacksonville, Florida-based law firm committed to providing legal services devoted to immigration law.

The firm represents corporations, health care facilities and professionals, governmental organizations, universities, and individual clients from all points of the world.

When considering an immigration lawyer in matters requiring complex technical and business matters, seek out an attorney with a formal education in the sciences and business, rather than the majority of attorneys whose undergraduate degree is in the arts (e.g., history and political science). Ask for a copy of his or her curriculum vitae. According to the ABA, most lawyers graduate with degrees in the arts. Attorney Christensen's Bachelor of Science degree major is in Computer Science with an emphasis in Electrical Engineering. In addition to a J.D. law degree, he has also earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Coupled with strong academics, he has worked as an engineering executive for several large telecom companies, including AT&T and MediaOne.

Additionally, the firm is pleased to offer you a vast array of information and news; please take a moment and review the menu of legal services and information.

If you would like to arrange for a personal consultation by telephone, e-mail or Internet phone, please contact the firm at the E-mail address indicated below.

Paul B. Christensen, JD, MBA, BSCS

U.S. Immigration Legislation News

Immigration News Archive Immigration News Article Archives

U.S. Government shut-down on the H-1B programAffect of U.S. Government shut-down on the H-1B program 10/11/2013
The U.S. Government shutdown is affecting U.S. DOL processes, including the administration of the iCert system. Since the beginning of the shut-down, iCert users have not been able to access the government's system for the preparation and filing of ETA-9035 labor Condition Applications (LCA). USCIS has issued a guidance memo that suggests the agency will accept H-1B case filings without a DOL-certified LCA. While the memo appears to address H-1B concerns, it does not address allied NIV cases like E-3 where an LCA is included with a normal filing.

VAWA CRS Report on Immigration Provisions

VAWA CRS Report on Immigration Provisions Congressional Research Service report View PDF Document (.pdf 768 KB) from April 10, 2012 titled “Immigration Provisions of VAWA” provides a summary of VAWA procedure as well as feedback on immigration provisions, and a report of current Congressional legislation. (05/22/2012)

The Supreme Court Issues Initial Consent With Portions of Arizona's State Immigration Law

The Supreme Court Issues Initial Consent With Portions of Arizona's State Immigration Law The U.S. Supreme Court indicated Wednesday it will uphold controversial parts of Arizona's immigration law, namely a requirement that law enforcement officers check the immigration status of persons under suspicion of being unlawfully present in the U.S. What's become a divisive issue in the 2012 presidential campaign, both conservative and liberal justices who heard oral arguments found no compelling objection to the respective section of the state's immigration law. (04/26/2012)

U.S. Immigration Headline News:

H-1B Premium Processing starts April 28, 2014H-1B Premium Processing startson April 28, 2014 (Updated 4/22/14)
USCIS advises that on April 28, it will start premium processing for H-1B cases under the FY2015 cap. included are H-1B petitions requesting exemption from the fiscal cap for persons who have earned a U.S. master’s (or higher) degree.

Updated H-2B Visa Cap CountFY2014 H-2B Cap Count (Updated 4/22/14)
As of April 18, 2014, USCIS receipted 21,048 cases toward the 33,000 cap for Q2 FY2014. Included are 17,970 approved and 3,080 pending cases.

Policy Memo Expanding guidance of Adjudication of Visa Waiver Policy Memo Expanding Guidance of Adjustments of Status of VWP applicants (PM-602-0093) (11/19/13)
Policy memorandum issued by USCIS-Washington that provides adjudication guidance with respect to I-485 Applications to Adjust Status, filed by immediate family members of U.S. citizens who last entered the U.S. under the ESTA (VWP) program. Generally, VWP entrants may not adjust status under the INA, except in limited circumstances where the underlying Petition for Alien Relative is filed by an immediate family member of a U.S. citizen.

Current H-2B CapFY-2014 Current H-2B Cap (10/16/13)
Through October 11, 2013, USCIS received 7,500 applications in the H-2B pool of 33,000 for the beginning of FY-2014. Included in this are 6,200 approvals as well and 1,300 pending applications.

H-2B ProgramH-2B Program Temporarily Suspended as of March 22, 2013

11th Circuit Affirms Injunction that Challenges the 2012 H-2B Final Rule (.pdf 491 KB)

The 11th Circuit Court has affirmed an injunction that prevents U.S. DOL from enforcing the 2012 H-2B final rule. The 11th Circuit found no error in the district court’s decision pertaining to Plaintiffs’ merit of success. (see Bayou Lawn & Landscape Services v. Oates, 04/01/13)

USCIS Immigrant Fee Effective February 1, 2013

New Visa Fees USCIS announced that foreign nationals who seek permanent residence in the United States and receive an immigrant visa will need to pay a USCIS Immigrant Fee beginning February 1, 2013. The new fee of $165 was established in USCIS’ final rule adjusting fees for immigration applications and petitions announced on Sept. 24, 2010. USCIS has worked closely with the Department of State (DOS) to implement the new fee which allows USCIS to recover the cost of processing that is performed in the United States after immigrant visa holders receive their visa packages from DOS and are admitted to the United States. Applicants will now have two separate fees to pay. They are still required to pay the DOS visa application processing fee, and will now also have to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee. (12/12/2012)

USCIS Starts Acceptance for Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Deferred Action USCIS announced commencement of applications for consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals. On June 15, 2012, The Secretary of Homeland Security announced that select people who arrived into the United States as children and who meet other key eligability criteria may request consideration of deferred action. (08/14/2012)

DOS Cable on B1 instead of H-1B and H3 DOS Issues Cable on B1 instead of H-1B and H3 View PDF Document (.pdf 513KB)

A June 21, 2012 DOS cable issues guidance on B1 in lieu of H status is presently under review although present procedure is in effect. To avoid delays at ports, consular officers should note the B1 visa with B instead of H, See 9 FAM 41.31 N11. (06/26/2012)

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